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Nursing Services

Plum Borough School District makes your child's health and well-being a top priority. We employ both Certified School Nurses (CSN) and Registered Nurses (RN). When the CSN is not in the building, there is an RN working in the Health Room to take care of your child. 

If your child has special health needs, we encourage you to contact your Certified School Nurse to plan for your child's care even before starting school.


Mrs. Emily Biehl, MEd, RN, CSN
Building: Plum Senior High
Phone: 412-798-6305
Fax: 412-385-8056

Mrs. Adrienne Caldwell, BSN
Building: Plum Middle School
Phone: 412-798-6392
Fax: 412-798-6347

Mrs. Kristin Lewis, RN
Building: Plum Middle School

Ms. Jaime McGaughey, RN
Building: Plum Senior High
Phone: 412-798-6305
Fax: 412-385-8056

Mrs. Angie Miller, BSN, RN
Building: Holiday Park Intermediate
Phone: 412-798-6377
Fax: 412-795-1723

Mrs. Lindsay Klipa, BSN, CSN
Building: Pivik
Phone: 412-798-6385
Fax: 412-795-2824

Ms. Ally Schrank, BSN, RN
Building: O'Block Elementary
Phone: 412-798-6381
Fax: 412-795-1650

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