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Immunization information must be provided to the school nurse.

BY THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, by law, your child must have received at least one dose of each required vaccine before they are permitted to enter school.  If a child has not received a vaccine for which only a single dose is needed or has had no administered doses for a multi-dose vaccine series, the child will not be admitted to school on the first day.

WITHIN 5 DAYS OF STARTING SCHOOL, the nurse must be provided documentation that your child has received all vaccines from a required multi-dose vaccine series.  If further doses of missing vaccine(s) are not medically appropriate during the first 5 days of school, then on or before the 5th day, you must submit a statement, signed by your health care provider, listing the date(s) the remaining dose(s) will be given. The Allegheny County Health Department provides vaccination services.  You may call them at 412-578-8062 for clinic location and hours.

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