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One-to-One Program

To exceptionally prepare our students for success, the Plum Borough School District is extremely excited to announce the continuation and extension of our One-to-One Program for all students in grades K through 12. We encourage all students and families to read the One-to-One Program Handbook to better understand the program.

We ask that all families fill out the Technology Device Agreement Form in Sapphire, our Community Web Portal, to start the enrollment process into the One-to-One Program. To view the steps on how to complete this form, please go here. The Technology Device Agreement Form must be completed and submitted before any school-issued device can be brought home. The agreement form only needs to be completed one time per student.

All families have the opportunity to enroll and accept the One-to-One Device Insurance Program (recommended) by filling out the following form here. Families can also elect to decline coverage on the device. Please know, those families choosing to reject the insurance option will be responsible for the cost of any repairs and replacement of the equipment if deemed necessary. Families who decline insurance can enroll in the One-to-One Device Insurance Program at any time. For more information about the Program, please visit here.

*Note: When enrolling, you will need your student's ID number. The student ID can be found by logging into the Sapphire Community Web Portal here.

If you have any questions regarding this initiative, please contact [email protected], and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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