School Counseling Services

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School Counseling Services

Current Contacts for our Counselor's
Amy Palumbo - +1 920-322-7388
Kerry Plesco - +1 920-322-5344
Tina Crisssman - +1 920-322-7377
Rich Mull - +1 920-322-7284
Missy Markiewicz - +1 920-322-7504
Robert Fekety - +1 920-322-7261
Jena Nese - +1 920-322-7180
Joe Miller - +1 920-322-7507
Christine Bossung - +1 920-322-7418 
The Plum Borough School Counseling Program, in partnership with parents and community, will strive for excellence in education in order to prepare all students to take their place in the diverse and changing world of the 21st Century.  The counseling program will provide a safe environment that will promote and support critical thinking and lifelong learning.  

Plum Borough School Counselors are professional school advocates who provide proactive and preventative supports to maximize student potential.

The Plum Borough School Counselors are professionals who, in cooperative partnerships with administrators, teachers, students, and their families, local businesses and agencies, and post-secondary institutions, offer a thorough program to assist students in maximizing their potential and opportunities. 

The School Counseling Program believes that all students are capable of learning and should be treated with dignity and respect. The ultimate goal of the program is that each student from Plum Borough School District will graduate with the personal, academic and career-related skills and knowledge to make responsible decisions and to positively contribute to society.

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