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MS, HP, OB, & PI Building Visitor Procedures

When you arrive at your designated building, you will push the button outside the main entrance of the building to alert office personnel of your presence.

You will be asked who you are, the purpose of your visit and if your visit has been scheduled in advance.

Once the purpose of your visit has been approved and verified that you have scheduled it in advance, you will be buzzed into the first set of doors.

Once the individual you are there to see comes to the office, you will then be permitted into the second door.

You will be required to provide a photo ID to the administrative assistant so you can be run through our building visitor’s software.

You will be given a nametag to wear on your chest throughout the entirety of your visit.  At no time should you be unaccompanied by a school staff member.

At the conclusion of your visit you shall check out with the administrative assistant in the main office.

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