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Parent Resources for Digital Safety

Welcome to Plum Borough School District's webpage, where the internet serves as a crucial tool for our students' educational journey. From conducting research and collaborating with peers to creating content and enjoying interactive learning experiences, the online world opens up endless possibilities.

However, we understand the importance of ensuring that online activities are safe and responsible. Teaching our students how to navigate the digital landscape securely remains a top priority. It's essential for parents and caregivers to stay informed about their children's online activities, including what they see, who they interact with, and what they share.

To support families in fostering a culture of digital safety and responsibility, we offer a range of resources. These materials are designed to facilitate conversations about mindful internet usage, equip parents with tools and strategies for online protection, and empower them to monitor digital activities effectively.

Cell Phone and Smartphone Use

Valuable Insight and Guidance on YouTube

Navigating popular social media platforms and messaging apps responsibly

Addressing cyberbullying

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