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BrightArrow Technologies - Instant Connect

Instant Connect is the new attendance and emergency outreach alrert system that notifies our families and staff when there is an emergency, cancellation, or outreach message that goes out from Plum Borough School District. This new alert system replaces Plum Connect. 
Instant Connect for Families 
Our families no longer have to visit mulitiple places to update their contact information. Instant Connect will pull your contact information right from the Sapphire Community Web Portal. We ask that all families continue to make sure that your contact information is updated in the Sapphire Community Web Portal. 
Instant Connect pulls the first three contacts out of the Sapphire Community Web Portal and uses those contacts to notify when sending emergency and outreach messages. If you need to add a contact to the portal, please reach out to your building secretary, or email [email protected]
Please CLICK HERE to view a video that will explain the process of updating your contact information in the Sapphire Community Web Portal. If you need assistance with this process, email [email protected].
Instant Connect for Faculty and Staff
All faculty and staff are asked to fill out the Google form hyperlinked below to receive emergency and outreach messages sent out by the district. This form was sent out to all faculty and staff at the end of the 18-19 school year. If you already filled it out, there is no reason to fill it out again unless your contact information changes.
All new employees will need to complete this form in order to enroll in the program. Any faculty or staff member that updates their contact information will need to fill out this form again so that we have your updated contact info. 
*Note: You must be an employee of the Plum Borough School District with an email ending in @pbsd to fill out this form. 
Faculty and Staff Emergency/Outreach Enrollment Form - Click Here
 If you need assistance with this process, email [email protected].
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