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Kindergarten at PBSD

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Before starting the registration process
Please make sure you have the following documents ready to be uploaded (PDF or Photo format) into this form:

  • Proof of Residency 
  • Mortgage, deed or lease AND Driver's License AND Two (2) Utility Bills. 
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunizations required by law 
    If you do not have your immunizations at this time, you can still complete the registration process. Your child will not be permitted to enter school without the required immunizations or proper exemption documentation. Please make sure the school nurse has these records before the start of school. For more information visit here

    Acceptable documentation includes: either the child’s immunization record, a written statement from the former school district or from a medical office that the required immunizations have been administered, or that a required series is in progress, or verbal assurances from the former school district or a medical office that the required immunizations have been completed, with records to follow.  

  • Name and address of prior school(s)

  • Custody and/or Guardianship Documentation (if applicable)

  • Dental Report and Private Physicians Report
  • The following reports are required prior to your child starting school at the beginning of the school year (once the school year has started, if your child is transferring from another school and you turned this information into the other school, we can get the reports from them): Dental Report (grades K,3, and 7), Private Physicians Report (grades K, 6, and 11)

What’s Next?

Each of the district’s two elementary schools will host a Kindergarten Camp event on Thursday, May 30th and Friday, May 31st. Parents and incoming students will have the opportunity to meet the kindergarten teaching team and building principal and partake in some FUN kinder camp activities!  During this time, the kindergarten teaching team will be conducting the kindergarten screening to provide families with feedback and summer learning opportunities.  To attend, families must register for kindergarten no later than May 17th.

Meet the Teacher - Meet the Teacher will be held on August 15th which students attend with their parent or caregiver. This provides opportunities for incoming kindergarten students to become familiar with their new classrooms and teachers. 

The following reports are required prior to your child starting school at the beginning of the school year.

Resources and Timeline


Timeline - 24-25 School Year

  • January 17th - Kindergarten Registration Opens
  • May 30th and 31st - Kindergarten Camp event at each school (register for kindergarten by May 17 to attend)
  • July - Community Parent Portal Applications open for New Students
  • July 10th - August 3rd - Chromebook Distribution
  • August - Schedule, Bus Information, and Online Forms Available on Community Parent Portal
  • August 15th - Meet the Teacher
  • August 21st - First Day of School 

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