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Delays & Closings School Schedules

Schedules During Closures & Delays


If a two-hour delay is needed, the district will follow the traditional process of notifying staff and families of the delay via our District Delays and closings process and platforms.

If you are not receiving notifications when a delay or closing is communicated, please review our District Communications page on our website to learn more about the different platforms we use to communicate and how to sign up.

We are aware that when a Flexible Instructional Days (FID), cancellations or delays
occur, we are impacting childcare plans, and the work-related commitments of our
families. We further recognize there are some families who have differing opinions
for when cancellations should occur. Any decisions are based on the information that
we have at the time a decision is made.

In the event that a school closure is called, it will be referred to as a “Flexible
Instructional Day” on the mass media outlets that are identified below. Students will
learn at home by logging into their Google Classroom for a day of asynchronous
learning. On the 2nd consecutive FID, we will move to synchronous learning, and will
remain in that mode of instruction until we return to school. The District has received
approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Education for the use of five (5) FID
days. If all five (5) FID’s are used in a school year, any additional make-up days will
be identified and communicated promptly.

Please click the following hyperlink to read more about Severe Weather-Related Flexible Instructional Days, Delays and Closures.

 Students will need to have their laptops/computers charged and ready to go during winter weather months.
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