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Flexible Instructional Day

Flexible Instructional Day (FID) is intended to be used when circumstances prevent the District from delivering in-person instruction due to severe weather and/or other factors necessitating the closure of any or all of our school buildings.  On the first day of a school cancellation, students will not report to school but will participate in an asynchronous learning environment from home following a two-hour delay schedule. On the 2nd consecutive closure, we will move to synchronous learning and will remain in that mode of instruction until we return to school. Families will be informed of school closures using our normal avenues of communication. The information below outlines guidelines/expectations for staff in the event a remote learning day is scheduled:

Faculty and staff will be given the option to either work remotely from home or report to their classrooms. Faculty and staff that choose to work remotely must have the appropriate resources available to them in their remote location. In the event of approaching inclement weather, faculty and staff who need internet access or additional resources at home must contact the technology department at [email protected]

Teachers should use the two-hour delay to prepare lessons/activities for students to access in Google Classroom. In addition, teachers may post video lessons for their students to watch prior to completing any assignments. All lessons must be posted by the start of their respective building’s student start time on a two-hour delay schedule

Teachers are expected to remain available during instructional times to answer student questions, concerns, or provide guidance.  It is strongly recommended that an additional faculty or staff member is in attendance when utilizing Google Meet to offer individualized support. Depending on the grade and course level, teachers may request students to participate in a synchronous session during the school day. If teachers decide to do so, they will notify students via Google Classroom and these voluntary sessions will take place during their scheduled class period(s) on the two-hour delay schedule.  Attendance in grades K-12 will be determined by verification and completion of the lesson or assignment posted in Google Classroom. Students will have to complete the assigned work.  Failure to complete work will be recorded as an absence. 

The following communication on Severe Weather-Related Closures will be sent to all families outlining the expectations for Flexible Instructional Days.
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