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Remote Learning Day

Remote Learning Days are intended to be used when circumstances prevent the District from delivering in-person instruction due to severe weather and/or other factors necessitating the closure of any or all of our school buildings. On these daysstudents will not report to school but will participate from home.  Families will be informed of school closures using our normal avenues of communication. The information below outlines guidelines/expectations for students in the event a remote learning day is triggered:

  • The District will operate on a two-hour delay schedule for all non-Covid related closures.

  • Students will abide by the Livestreaming Policy 815.3 and Code of Conduct Remote Teaching.  Students should follow the guidelines for working remotely to ensure their success. 

  • Online activities should be completed by students using their PBSD issued Chromebook and the software provided/recommended by PBSD to avoid technical issues. 

  • Student lessons will be posted in Google Classroom prior to the start of the two-hour delay schedule. 

  • On asynchronous days, students must monitor each of their Google Classrooms for updates throughout the school day. If students have questions or need additional assistance to complete assignments, they can email their teacher(s) throughout the instructional day. Depending on the grade and course level, some teachers may request students to participate in a synchronous session during the school day. These teachers will notify students via Google Classroom and these sessions will take place during their scheduled class period(s) of the two-hour delay schedule.

  • Attendance in grades K-12 will be determined by verification and completion of the lessons or assignments posted in Google Classroom. 

  • For any technical issues, contact technical support by emailing [email protected].

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