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Forms Awaiting Completion or One-Time Forms

Below is a list of forms that must be electronically filled out for each student attending the Plum Borough School District annually or once. These can be found in your Community Web Portal under Forms Awaiting Completion

Please see the list below of the current forms that must be completed. 

One-Time Forms (forms that must be filled out annually or once.)

  • Emergency Care Form 23-24 (Fill out annually)
  • Reunification & Safety Plan Authorization Form (Fill out annually)
  • Handbooks 23-24 Acknowledgment Form (Fill out annually)
  • Technology Device Agreement (Only have to fill out once)

The forms can be found in the "My Backpack" area on the left of the screen. See the screenshot below. 

We ask that parents fill out all forms under the Forms Awaiting Completion title for each student who attends Plum Borough School District ASAP.
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