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Online Forms

Student Data Forms

The Sapphire Community Portal lets you fill out information online for your student, eliminating the need to keep track of and complete paper forms. Some forms will be available from the student's home screen, and all are available from the Student Data Forms screen.

  • Click from MY BACKPACK to open a form. The Student Data Forms screen opens with two sections: 
    • Forms Awaiting Completion includes one-time forms, such as a form acknowledging receipt of the student handbook. 
    • On Demand Forms include forms that can be used multiple times, such as absentee excuse forms. 
  • Click the form title to open it.

  • Fill in the blanks on the form. Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.
  • If a form has multiple screens, click Next to move to the next screen. Some forms might have an area to upload files. You can either select or drag and drop a file.
  • When the form is complete, click Submit.

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