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Officer Obligations

  • Booster club officers have the responsibility to ensure the organization's procedures and operating practices are fiscally, financially, and legally sound. 

  • As an officer, an individual is legally obligated to be prudent and reasonable in conducting himself to help preserve and protect the organization. 

  • If officers fail to exercise prudent and reasonable judgment, they leave themselves open to criticism and to potential personal liability for financial losses or mismanagement that occurs during their term as members of the Booster Club.

Treasurer Obligations
  • The treasurer has the responsibility to ensure that all funds generated by booster club activities are accounted for and that a record of each transaction is kept.

  • All disbursements must be recorded in the Check Register and all receipts must be recorded on the Receipt Register. 

  • All transactions recorded in these registers must be documented. The documentation may be a “Check Request” with backup or  “Event Proceed” form which has been verified. 

  • Other records, which include checkbooks, bank statements, meeting minutes, and any other written documents used to record booster club activity, must be saved. These records should be reviewed and audited periodically to help ensure all booster club activity is recorded properly and financial controls are in place. Permanent storage and an appropriate filing system must be maintained. 

  • Written treasurer’s reports shall be prepared and presented to the membership of the organizations no less than once per fiscal year.

Internal Audit

The booster organization is required to have an internal audit conducted to review the organization's revenues and expenditures.  Additionally, the District intends to gather booster financial records on an annual basis and conduct a minimum of five (5) internal audits per year. 

  • Items requested during an audit:

IRS Form 990                             Treasurer's Report 

Federal EIN#                              Monthly bank statements 

Membership List and Dues         Listing of the group's fundraisers conducted 

Listing of all meeting dates         Roster of volunteers & clearances where applicable 

            Copies of Meeting Minutes        Bond insurance for Treasurer
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