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Voice Recognition


School-affiliated organizations MUST receive the approval of the Plum Borough School Board.  

What we need from you to be PBSD recognized:

  1. Statement of need for the organization.
  2. Proposed name of the organization.
  3. Proposed school or program affiliation.
  4. Proposed constitution and/or bylaws.
  5. Name of person(s) responsible for the conduct of the organization (list of officers).

Delegation of Responsibility:

  • The Superintendent shall be the Chief Liaison between the Board and school-affiliated
  • organizations.
  • Building principals shall be involved in all decisions and planning affecting their respective students, programs, and facilities.

Applicable Policies:

All booster groups and school-affiliated organizations MUST comply with all Board policies and annually review with their membership:

  • Policy 304 Employment of District Staff

  • Policy 806 Child Abuse

  • Policy 824 Maintaining Professional Adult/Student Boundaries

  • Policy 915 Relations With School-Affiliated Organizations 

  • Policy 916 Volunteer

  • Policy 702 Gifts, Grants, and Donations

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