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Academic Departments

Department Leaders

BCIT/Computer Science

Mrs. Tamar McPherson 
M.Ed. - Adult Education/Higher Education
M.A. - Teaching, Secondary Mathematics
B.S. - Mechanical Engineering
   Minor - BioEngineering 
Department Leader: BCIT/Computer Science, K-12
@PBSD: 17 years

My passion has always been to provide access to exciting STEAM coursework, especially for girls and underrepresented populations, in order to open as many doors to opportunity and success as possible.


Mrs. Tina Crissman    
Department Leader: Counseling, K-12 
@PBSD: 2 years

English Language Arts



Ms. Christine Brewer   
B.S. - Elementary Education 
Department Leader: ELA, 5-8
@PBSD: 27 years

I was inspired to take on this role so I can be an integral part of helping our District create a powerful ELA curriculum as we move forward.

Mrs. Lindsay Sciullo   
M.S. - Curriculum and Development
Specialist - Reading Certification
B.A. - English Literature; Secondary Education 7-12 and English as a Second Language Certifications
Department Leader: ELA, 9-12
@PBSD: 18 years

I was inspired to lead the ELA department because of many reasons. While teaching in the District for over 16 years, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing staff members especially in the English department. They worked to create a collaborative department focused on the best interest of our students, and as a result, I want to keep that tradition while continuing to be progressive for our student body. Being department chair for the past three years has allowed me to be a part of many successful processes such as analyzing data, creating semester courses, and updating as well as writing new curricula. I look forward to continuing to work with my department as well as with leaders from other grade levels and departments in aligning our curriculum and challenging our students to be successful, lifelong learners.  

Fine Arts

Mr. John DeLuce  
B.S. - Music Education
Department Leader: Fine Arts, K-12
@PBSD: 21 years

I am thrilled to work with such fine educators; ones who are relentless in their efforts to offer the finest arts education to our students. Together, we can lead students through the artistic process and encourage creativity and crucial thinking skills while they develop a long-lasting love for the arts. 

Health & Physical Education

Mrs. Jessica Boynton 
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
B.S. - Health and Physical Education    
Department Leader: Health & Physical Education, K-12
@PBSD: 19 years

I would like to improve the health and physical education curriculum so that the students of Plum Borough School District have the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a healthy and happy life. I hope that through a quality physical education class, every student discovers some physical activity that they can enjoy throughout their adulthood.


Colonel Paul Nosek
M.S. - National Security Strategy
M.A. - National Security Affairs
M.A. - Human Resource Development
B.A. - General Studies
USAF Mission Support Group Commander Course; USAF Senior Officer Legal Orientation Course; USAF Incident Management Course; USAF Mission Support Squadron Leadership Course; USAF Military Personnel Flight Commander Leadership Course
Department Leader: AFJROTC

I served over 27 years in the Air Force with an experience of leading groups and organizations ranging from 4 to 1,800 military, federal civilians, and contractor personnel. After retirement, I wanted to continue my service to my country and community through teaching and inspiring youth.  


Mrs. Vicki Dziewulski 
Library K-12 and English7-12 Certifications
MLIS - Master's of Library and Information Science    
B.A. - English Literature
Department Leader: Library
@PBSD: 21 years

I have a passion for connecting colleagues to both print and electronic resources. I truly believe the library is the hub of the school. I want to combine the traditional library with the new digital library filled with collaborative areas and maker spacers.


Mr. Nathan Pfeiffer 
Ed.D. - Special Education (in progress)
M.S. - Curriculum and Instruction    
B.S. - Elementary Education
Department Leader: Math, K-4
@PBSD: 18 years

I have been a Department Chairperson since 2012. Before that, I was a member of the Superintendent's Curriculum Council and Academic Council. As a proud Plum Borough School District teacher, I want to be an active participant in helping to drive our District to help our students in the best way possible. I have always sought to be a positive agent of change in the constantly changing field of education. There are new changes happening in the world all around us and I want our students to be fully prepared to take on these new and exciting challenges.

Mr. Ryan Silvis    
M.S. - Business Education, K-12 BCIT & Middle Level Math
B.S. - Accounting
Department Leader: Math, 5-8
@PBSD: 17 years

I like to be part of making positive changes rather than being someone to complain about things that aren't working.  

Mr. Eric Gillis
M.S. - Curriculum, and Instruction
B.S. - Mathematics Education    
@PBSD: 14 years 

Students have inspired me to take this leadership role. They deserve every opportunity to succeed and we as educators need to put them in the best situation possible to leave this school district with the ability to become talented individuals.


Certified School Nurse 
Department Leader: Nursing, K-12  



Mr. Scott Lazzaro
Elementary K-6, General Science 7-12, Biology 7-12, Chemistry 7-12, and Principal K-12 Certifications
M.S. - Arts in Teaching
B.S. - Biological Science      
Department Leader: Science, 9-12 
@PBSD: 9 years

Mr. Dan Casarcia     
M.Ed. - Environmental Education
B.S. - General Science, Earth & Space Science 
Department Leader: Science, 5-8 
@PBSD: 25 years

There are many exciting changes and opportunities happening in science education. I want a seat at the table as we move forward as a District. I believe our Science Department is very strong and I see a clear path leading us to even greater heights. 

Mr. Kevin Shaffer    
BA - Elementary Education
Department LeaderScience, K-4 
@PBSD: 31 years

I hope to use this leadership to make the elementary science program of studies best meet the state academic standards. I hope to assist in a variety of ways to help the instructors fisnd resources to meet their needs.

Social Studies

Mrs. Erin Morris 
Secondary Social Studies and Family and Consumer Sciences Certifications
M.S. - Education
B.A. - History
Department Leader: Social Studies, 7-12  
@PBSD: 18 years

I have a true passion for social studies education and see the importance in providing multiple, diverse offerings for our students. With this position, I hope to support and augment the department’s mission and continue the legacy of my pre-decessors. Their efforts have produced and satisfied two major themes. First, a well-rounded social studies education produces active and responsible members of society. Through the Social Studies Department, students are challenged to practice good citizenship, economic accountability and informed political decision-making along with a sincere respect for American history. Secondly, the department teaches our students to think critically about societal and global concerns. Through our course offerings students experience and appreciate cultural and real-world understanding. Using the afore-mentioned outline, I hope to support and participate in providing a stellar, long-lasting social studies education for our students. 

Mr. Bruce Shafer
B.S. - Science
Department Leader: Social Studies, K-6  
@PBSD: 23 years

My principal, Dr. Scuillo, inspired me to take this leadership role to help other professionals in Plum Borough. I also had several leadership roles in the teacher's union including vice president prior to this position.

Special Education

Mrs. Jenielle Doty   
Department Leader: Special Education, K-12 
@PBSD: 17 years

World Languages

Mrs. Rachel Ortiz 
M.Ed. - Foreign Language Education
Certificate - Latin American Studies
Foreign Language K-12 Certification
B.A. - Spanish   
Department Leader: World Languages, 7-12
@PBSD: 20 years

I have always been driven by watching students succeed with language in the classroom. I'm inspired to take on this role to collaborate with my colleagues to facilitate greater student achievement in all levels of language learning. 

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