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English Language Arts (ELA)

Read.  Write.  Speak.  Think.

Welcome to the Plum Borough School District's English Language Arts Department, which is grouped K-4, 5-8, and 9-12.  

What is ELA?

ELA is an abbreviation for English Language Arts referring to the study and use of the English language in academic settings. ELA encompasses reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

US Common Core Standards define ELA as an educational program that readies students to read, comprehend, and respond to print and digital information appropriately preparing them for:

  • making sense of information attentively and critically,

  • engaging with high-quality literary and information texts deeply and thoughtfully,

  • engaging with multiple texts to build their knowledge and expand their view of the world,

  • coming up with new ideas and sharing them effectively,

  • finding and using their voice clearly and with confidence, and

  • becoming responsible citizens of a democratic society and global community.

K-12 English Language Arts Mission:

Our mission in the Plum Borough School District’s English Language Arts Department is to prepare well-rounded students who are exceptionally prepared for success.  Our comprehensive curricula help develop students to be lifelong learners who read with passion, write creatively, speak effectively in any social situation, and think critically.

Why English Language Arts Education:

  • ELA is necessary to meet Academic Standards.

  • ELA is essential in professional areas of study.

  • ELA is crucial for life after high school.

Plum Senior High School Courses:

9th Grade:

  • English 9 Honors

  • English 9 (with the availability of co-taught)

10th Grade*:

  • English 10 Honors

  • English 10 (with the availability of co-taught)

  • Elective = TV I

11th & 12th Grades:

Students must complete four English semester courses their junior and senior year, one of which must be a writing course.  Each AP course is equivalent to one literature and one writing course.

Full-year Courses

  • AP Literature and Composition**

  • AP English Language Composition**

Literature Semester Courses

  • Classical Literature**

  • Contemporary Literature

  • Debate**

  • Drama

  • Short Story

Writing Semester Courses

  • College Writing**

  • Creative Writing**

  • Literature and Film Writing

  • Technical Writing

Elective Courses

  • Speech**

  • TV I

  • TV II

  • TV III

* The Pennsylvania Keystone Literature Exam is taken towards the end of the 10th grade year.

** In conjunction with local universities, Plum Senior High School offers college courses as part of the school curriculum.  These courses are considered “dual enrollment” because they earn credit at both the high school and at the college offering the class.

Plum Middle School Courses:

Seventh Grade:


Advanced English


Advanced Reading

Eighth Grade:

Language Arts

Advanced Language Arts

Holiday Park Intermediate/Oblock/Pivik Courses:

Kindergarten - Sixth Grade

Into Reading

Fundations (K-2)

Heggerty (K-2)

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