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Health & Phys. Ed

Plum Senior High School students prepare for a mountain biking lesson instructed by teacher Sean Oglesby.  Bicycles and equipment were funded by the school district and in collaboration with the Bike Lab.

Our Mission:  

  • To provide students with a variety of modalities from which they may choose to be physically active both in the present and throughout their adult lives 

  • To encourage overall wellness through a diversified curriculum which includes all aspects of health including mental/emotional well being

  • To discover a mind/body connection through realization that academic achievement, physical fitness and mental health are all interrelated


Contact Information:


Ms. Jessica Boynton

Plum Senior High School

HPE Department Leader

Teacher - Health and Physical Education 

Advanced Personal Fitness and Partners in PE Teacher

Assistant Varsity Girls Wrestling Coach

[email protected]

412-795-4880 x8193 

Mr. Sean Oglesby

Plum Senior High School

Teacher - Health and Physical Education

Elements of Coaching and Officiating Teacher

PDLA Health and Lifetime Fitness Instructor

Head Junior Varsity Baseball Coach

Student Wellness and Fitness Coordinator

[email protected]

412-795-4800 x8204 

Mr. Nicholas Oto

Plum Middle School

Teacher - Health & Physical Education

[email protected]

412-798-6322 ext. 3142

Mr. Michael R. Verrico

Plum Middle School

Health and Physical Education Teacher

[email protected]

412-798-6322 x3143 

Mr. Charles Froehlich

Plum Senior High School & O'Block Elementary School

Teacher - Health and Physical Education

M.ED Health and Physical Education

M.ED Special Education

Assistant Varsity Football Coach

[email protected]


Mr. Keith Nonnenberg

Pivik Elementary

Teacher - Health and Physical Education

PDLA HPE Teacher

Golf Coach

[email protected]

412.795.4580 x2142 

Mr. Carl Vollmer

Holiday Park Intermediate 

Teacher - Health and Physical Education

Varsity Baseball Coach

[email protected]

412-795-4880 x5139


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