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District Strategic Vision

Academics at Plum Borough School District

21st Century Learning

The Plum Borough School District is committed to student-centered instruction, individual support and achievement, and a rigorous 21st century curriculum. High expectations and excellence for all students begin in Kindergarten and continues through 12th grade.

 The curriculum is rooted in Pennsylvania Academic Core Standards designed to encourage the highest achievement of every student. Standards define the concepts, competencies, and knowledge that students should acquire at each grade level or course. Each curriculum begins with Pennsylvania requirements and incorporates components of national organization recommendations for enrichment, individualization, and rigor. National organizations include: National Council of Teachers of English, National Council of teachers of Mathematics, National Science Teachers Association, National Council for the Social Sciences, International Technology and Engineering Educators Association, Common Core Standards, et cetera. Our professional staff regularly reviews our local curricula to adjust for revisions made at the State and National level.

At the Elementary Level:

The curriculum is designed to provide students with opportunities to achieve academic success and to meet the needs of all students in compliance with State regulations. All students receive instruction in literacy skills (reading, spelling, language, and writing skills), mathematics, social studies, science, and health. Students from kindergarten through grade six receive weekly instruction in physical education, art, music, STEM and library skills.


At the Middle School Level:

Plum Middle School provides a climate that promotes the well-being of the individual, positive exchange between students and teachers, and development of values consistent with ethical behavior. The curriculum, course design and offerings, and instruction ensure students are afforded a liberal arts experience to cultivate individual interests and talents.

The faculty and administration impress upon students the necessity for active participation in a democratic society as self-reliant, contributing members, and provide the basic skills to serve intellectual, vocational, and vocational needs relative to their roles within an ever-changing society.

At the High School Level:

Plum Senior High School offers a comprehensive curriculum to ensure that students are college, career or service-ready. Students have an opportunity to individualize schedules and parents are encouraged to communicate with both teachers and counselors during the scheduling process and throughout the school year.

Course offerings are broad and include opportunities for dual-enrollment is college-level institutions, on-line learning, college in high school credit and career/technical school.  Students are encouraged to enroll in classes that provide academic rigor in order to best prepare for post-secondary aspirations. 

Honors and Advanced Placement classes provide high levels of academic rigor for students with an interest and/or ability in contents beyond the regular academic level. AP classes are nationally recognized curricula, offering students the opportunity to earn college credit and/or recognition while attending high school.



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