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Homeroom Pod System

To maintain a "family" environment for learning at HP, all grade 5 and 6 students are grouped into pods.  Each pod contains 2 - 3 teachers (English Language Arts - Math - Science/Social Studies).  Daily, students rotate through the pod for their core content instruction.  Visit our Holiday Park Elementary program of study for additional information. 
Fifth Grade:
5A Tigers - Mrs. Kite, Mrs. Schanbacher (Ms. Anderson), Mr. Shaffer
5B Panthers - Mr. Betta, Mrs. George, Mrs. Pilyih
5C Wolves - Mrs. Belak, Mr. Pucka
5D Foxes - Mrs. Szymczak, Mr. Weisz
Sixth Grade: 
6A Bearded Dragons - Mrs. Amodeo, Ms. Brewer, Mr. Pfeiffer
6B Sharks - Mrs. Corna, Mr. Shafer, Mrs. Verrengia
6C Cheetahs - Ms. Karkowsky, Mr. McIntyre, Mrs. Tysarczak
6D Falcons - Mrs. Hartley, Mrs. Lynch, Dr. Pivirotto
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