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Fine Arts

Fine Arts Curriculum

 Elementary  Visual Arts Curriculum
 Junior High Art Courses
 High School Art Courses

Department Leaders

Mr. John DeLuce
Mr. John DeLuce 
Department Leader: Fine Arts; K-12
E: [email protected]

B.S. Music Education

Years working in education: 21

Years working for Plum Borough School District: 20

What inspired(s) you to take on this leadership role?
I am thrilled to work with such fine educators; ones who are relentless in their efforts to offer the finest arts education to our students. Together, we can lead students through the artistic process, encourage creativity and crucial thinking skills while they develop a long lasting love for the arts.

Is there any additional information about yourself that you would like to share?
I am the proud father of four students who are active and thriving in the fine arts programs of the Plum Borough School District.
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