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Plum Digital Learning Academy

Plum Digital Leraning Academy "Where Students Remain Connected" 
Overview of the Program

The Plum Digital Learning Academy (PDLA) is an innovative opportunity for our students to engage in an online learning environment while remaining connected to the Plum Borough School District. These online classes provide flexible scheduling options to meet the needs of our students and families. The program is open to ALL PBSD families and is available for students in grades K-12.

About the Program

Plum Digital Learning Academy utilizes Accelerate Education and Edgenuity Courseware to provide online course options for students in grades K-12. PDLA is presented as an asynchronous learning environment that allows students to work at their own pace and on their own schedule. Students will have access to highly qualified PA certified teachers to assist them as needed. 

The PDLA course offerings are consistent with the traditional course offerings at our elementary, junior, and senior high schools. Each course is designed to reflect the same curriculum as our in-person courses and is aligned to the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Common Core standards.

The Accelerate Education program is designed for our students in grade K-6. We offer four core classes (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) as well as two extracurricular or “specials”. Edgenuity Courseware provides the learning management system for students in grades 7-12 where students can select up to seven classes. Both programs offer students the flexibility to work at their own pace and create their own schedules while moving towards mastery of each concept, skill, and standard.

To learn more about Accelerate Education click here

To learn more about Edgenuity Courseware click here

Contact PDLA
Preston Hartman
Director of K-12 Virtual Learning
Plum Borough School District
Office: 412-798-6373


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