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Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Safety is priority #1 at Holiday Park Intermediate School.  Please obey all cone and safety procedures in place.  Click on the links below to see HP bus rider/car rider and walker procedures. AM Walkers enter door #10 of HP.  Contact Holiday Park with any questions (412) 795-4430.

  • If you need to talk to your child's teacher, please email or call to set up a meeting with the teacher.  Teachers have duties and scheduled meetings in the morning and afternoon. No one is permitted in the building unless a meeting has been established.  Please use the main entrance.  Be sure to sign in at the office and receive a visitor's pass.  Mrs. Verzinskie will assist you.

  • If your child is tardy, you must come into the school and sign your child in at the office (Door #1). At 2:45 PM (daily), the front parking lot will be sealed off for the 2:55 dismissal (bus lot).

  • Any dismissal changes (going home with another parent, not riding the bus or riding a different bus, early dismissal, etc.) must be accompanied by a written note or email to Mrs. Verzinskie.  Please be sure your child understands what they are to do after school.  Any change from the normal routine requires a written note or email to the office.

  • All students are to be picked up from school by 3:10 pm.  The office will be contacting emergency contacts for student pick up after 3:10 pm.  If you are going to be late, please contact the office so we know and your child is not worried.

  • Please remember the building opens at 7:55 am.  Students should arrive no earlier than 7:55 AM.

  • Any medical concerns should be addressed through the nurse's office via phone or email.

  • If you are planning a family vacation throughout the school year of 5 or more school days, you must complete an Educational Trip Request Form (see link below).  The form must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to your vacation and returned to the office for Dr. Sciullo's approval.  A letter of approval will be sent to your home.  Failure to complete a vacation form will result in unexcused absences appearing on your child's attendance record on the dates of your vacation.   


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