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Alertus Unified Emergency Notification System at Plum Borough School District

The Plum Borough School District has implemented the Alertus Emergency Notification System. This system allows our administrators to notify all staff and students in the case of an emergency at any school building within the district. Such emergencies include fire, shelter in place, severe weather or a lockdown.

The benefits of this system include the ability to communicate with multiple technology devices so staff and students are immediately notified and made aware of an emergency. Notifications are disseminated to all District computers/laptops, student one to one devices (grades 6-12) and in-classroom Cisco phones. Staff are also able to receive personal notifications on their individual mobile devices if they elect to do so.

The Alertus Emergency Notification system does not replace any of the District’s emergency systems, structures, and processes. It serves as an enhancement to our current internal practices. We have tested the software twice thus far and will continue to test and analyze the data from these exercises.
To learn more about Alertus please visit their website - 
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