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Why Vertical Teams Matter



The Plum Borough School District continuously works on strategies to help our students succeed during the school year in preparation for their entrance into the real world. In order to facilitate this growth, the District has established vertical teams as a strategy to improve curriculum, assessment, and instruction in the classroomOur professionals are committed to this strategy and have enthusiastically started a curriculum mapping process. This process will help to identify gaps within their subject area(s) and also spark conversations betweeen grade levels to assure that all students are getting the best education possible. Addtionally, alignment checks are being made between grades and the implementation of effective and innovative teaching and learning is occurring. 

The Plum Borough School District (PBSD) has established vertical teams in the following areas:

            • Air Force JROTC

            • Business Education

            • Engineering and Technology Education

            • English Language Arts

            • Fine Arts 

            • Foreign Language

            • Health and Physical Education 

            • Mathematics

            • Science

            • Social Studies 

            • STEM/STEAM

Click here to learn more about our academic department leaders. 

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