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Voice Recognition

Outreach Communications & Notifications


The district uses family contact information input into the Sapphire Community Web Portal to send out information regarding emergencies and weather delays/closings. We ask that all families keep their information up to date in the Sapphire Community Web Portal for each student that attends the Plum Borough School District. 

How to access your Parent Account to Change Student Demographic Information

  1. Visit the Sapphire login page via this link to log in to your account. 
  2. Click on the student name located on the left of your screen. You can verify and change all your children in one place; simply by clicking on their names. 
  3. Under Student Backpack, click on "Change Student Data along the left column."
  4. Review your information and make any necessary changes. 

Choose which contacts receive outreach communications and attendance notices.

  1. To select which contacts receive outreach communications, you must turn on Can the school sends voice messages to the Phone number? To ON.
  2. Any contact with this OFF will not receive outreach communications sent out by the district. 
  3. NOTE: All changes to your contact information are automatically saved.
  4. Visit this link for more information on how to change student data and set up outreach contacts. 

If you are not registered for an account yet, visit this link for more information on establishing an account.

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