Internet Safety and Security

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Internet Safety and Security

Plum Borough School District wants to provide the safest possible technology and web experience for our students. We have installed content filtering and monitoring on our network and devices, and we'll work with you to keep your students safe at home on their personal devices as well. Please read on to learn more about the steps we take to keep your children safe.

On District Devices and Network

Plum Borough School District uses Lightspeed Relay, a filtering and monitoring service which blocks access to inappropriate content and provides detailed reporting regarding our students' web searches and browsing activity on district-provided devices. For added protection, we also employ Bark for Schools, an intelligent monitoring system which scans our Google Suite (including but not limited to Classroom, Gmail, Docs, and Slides) and flags possible indicators of cyberbullying, suicidal ideation, sexual predation, and more.

All parents have the option to receive reports regarding their child's activity on district devices with parent report generator. To sign up for these reports, please email with your student's name and ID number and we will set you up to receive these reports automatically.

At Home

We recognize that web safety concerns do not stop at the boundaries of our District, and we aim to provide our families with all the resources they need to keep students safe at home, on personal devices. Please visit our Cyber Safety Page to find useful resources and tips to help keep your child safe on personal devices.

If you have any questions or concerns about the safety and security of our district devices or network, please email Mr. Daniel Lauletta, Director of Technology and Innovation.
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