Anti-Bully/Positive Behavior Support Curriculum

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Anti-Bully/Positive Behavior Support Curriculum

Holiday Park Elementary School

Anti-Bullying/Good Citizenship Positive Behavior Program

As part of the Holiday Park Elementary School and Plum Borough School District’s anti-bullying policy, the “CHAMPS” program fosters good citizenship among all students in grades Kindergarten through Six, with the goal of providing a safe and stimulating environment that promotes critical thinking and lifelong learning. The “CHAMPS” program is a tool enabling the students and staff of Holiday Park Elementary to recognize and foster positive behavior. The students of Holiday Park are familiar with the program and its aim of eliminating bullying. All students are taught to identify bullying and are given strategies to deal with it. The school’s anti-bullying policy is posted throughout the building. The goal is to empower students to promote and support a safe, caring, and positive learning environment.
“CHAMPS” is an acronym for Caring, Honesty, Attitude, Manners, Pride, and Support – a mnemonic for the values Holiday Park Elementary staff strives to model for the student body. When students behave in a manner that conforms to these values, they are rewarded with a “CHAMPS” ribbon. Ribbons are both displayed in the hallways and sent home with students. No bullying is tolerated – the bullying behavior is stopped immediately and the offending student faces consequences consistent with the severity of the offense.
Teachers instruct weekly lessons on bullying awareness and the “CHAMPS” positive behavior support program. From various resources, including OLWEUS and Second Steps,  teachers engage students with lessons ranging from what is bullying to how they can promote positivity within the school environment. Furthermore, teachers display signs, posters, or other visual displays promoting good citizenship and discouraging bullying. Teachers and students establish class conduct rules that are compatible with the school anti-bullying policies. Our school based Safety/CHAMPS Committee act as representatives and meet to discuss new and best practices with school safety and CHAMPS program. These practices are then shared with the rest of the staff.
The staff at Holiday Park Elementary School realizes the importance of keeping up to date with the best practices of an anti-bullying/good citizenship program and will strive to keep the needs of their classroom a top priority.

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