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Below are listed resources to help with different technologies incorporated in the Plum Borough School District.

IT Help Desk - Need Technology Support?
You can submit a question or service request to the technology team by sending an email to [email protected]. This will create a ticket on which we can keep orderly notes regarding the history of your problem. We will reply within 24 hours. Please refrain from emailing individual technology deparment members, the ticket system allows all team members to see issues and address them ASAP. 
We are also available by phone at ext. 6340, or 412-798-6340 from outside the district. 
Need remote support? Staff, click this hyperlink to start a remote support session so one of our technicians can help you. 

Student Logins 

Student email/chromebook logins are the following [email protected]. Their Password is [email protected]####, where the four numbers equal their respective four digit lunch codes.

Student Sapphire logins are the following l[email protected]. Their Password is [email protected]####, where the four numbers equal their respective four digit lunch codes. 

The above link will show you how to log in to Google Apps for Education, where you'll be able to access your students' Gmail and Google Classroom. Classwork, homework, and other information about your students' courses will be available on Google Classroom.
Note: Students in grades K - 12 will use the password [email protected]####, where the four numbers equal their respective four digit lunch codes. If you do not know their lunch code, please reach out to his/her teacher or email [email protected].
Clever is a platform that allows you to use a single login account to access almost all of our online applications and systems. 
This site lets you use one login to access most of your applications. Click here for instructions on how to log in.

 Cyber Safety Resources

Don't have Technology at home?
AT&T's low-cost wireline home Internet service is called access. Read more on their services, click here.
For more information on Internet Essentials, click here, to get in touch with Comcast.
Internet Essentials from Comcast has three key components. It includes low-cost high-speed Internet service for $9.95 a month, the option to purchase a computer for less than $150 and multiple options for digital literacy training in print, online and in-person to the following groups:
  • Families with at least one child eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program.
  • Individuals and families receiving HUD housing assistance.
  • Low-income veterans who live in our service area.
  • Senior citizens in select markets
Verizon offers a discounted program as well, called Lifeline. This government assistance program offers discounts to qualified low-income customers. Approved applicants can receive a reduced rate monthly bill on phone and/or Internet service. Some states provide a discount on installation and toll blocking at no charge. Read more on this program here.

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