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The Plum Borough School District offers its own cyber academy. The Plum Borough Cyber Academy provides online course offerings consistent with Plum Borough curricula and course expectations.  The Plum Borough Cyber Academy serves Plum Borough residents in grades 3 - 12.  When it comes to school, today's students have different needs which includes busy schedules, part-time jobs, home-schooled or unique learning styles.  The Plum Cyber Academy fits the way you learn.  Students can take all the classes they need to graduate, online, with one-on-one help from Pennsylvania certified teachers and a challenging curriculum with real support to earn a real diploma.      

1. We believe every child has a right to a high-quality education in a safe and student-centered environment.

2. We believe collaborative partnerships will serve to create educational opportunities.

3. We believe in developing future-focused, productive and responsible citizens.

4. We believe high-quality instruction is the foundation for all academic success.

5. We believe all children can learn and develop their talents in a positive, supportive and caring learning environment.


Plum Borough School District is partnering with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU) and Waterfront Learning to offer Plum students the opportunity to attend a full-time cyber school. The Plum Cyber Academy is in its fifth year of existence for students in grades 3-12. Enrollment is based on an agreement between the school district and the student’s family, and it gives children an opportunity to complete school work using online curricula at home, while allowing Plum Cyber Academy students the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities sponsored by the district. Students who enroll in the Plum Cyber Academy receive instruction from teachers employed by AIU, and upon successful completion of coursework, earn credits toward graduation. Each Plum Cyber Academy student who completes all Plum Borough School District graduation requirements will be awarded a Plum Senior High School diploma and will be eligible to participate in Plum Senior High School Commencement.

Students who enroll full time in the Plum Borough Cyber Academy will receive a laptop computer and related equipment, all of which remain the property of Plum Borough School District. All equipment is collected at the end of each school year in order to perform basic maintenance and updates and redistributed at the start of the new school year. The student and parent/guardian are responsible for any lost or damaged equipment.

Academic success in the Plum Borough Cyber Academy requires students to be self-motivated, disciplined, independent learners capable of working on a computer for several hours a day. Families should carefully consider whether virtual learning will be the most effective manner of educating their child.

Full-Time/ Part-Time Students

Full Time Students:

Enrollment is based on an agreement between the school district and the student’s family. It gives children an opportunity to complete school work using online curricula at home while allowing them to participate in extra-curricular activities sponsored by the district. Additionally, each Cyber Academy high school student who completes all program requirements is awarded a Plum Borough High School diploma and is eligible to participate in the Plum Borough Commencement exercises.

Part Time Students:

Online options are also available to Plum Borough students who are pursuing courses that are not currently offered at Plum Borough due to lack of student participation. Similarly, online courses are offered to Plum Borough students in grades 3 - 12 who are receiving homebound instruction due to physical ailments or other circumstances. In short, the Plum Borough School District Cyber Academy provides multiple, flexible options and services that allow students to design custom cyber solutions to address their unique needs.

Consistent with the district's mission, the Plum Borough School District Cyber Academy provides online education in a supportive environment to meet the diverse needs of individual learners. The district recognizes that not every student is successful in a traditional classroom setting. The Plum Borough School District Cyber Academy provides an alternative educational approach so that all students can reach their potential. For more information contact Justin G. Stephans, Principal of K-12 E-Learning, 412-798-6371.

Advantages of Plum Cyber Academy

  • Plum Borough High School Diploma
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Elective Course Options
  • Flexibility in Program Designs
  • Students Have Access to Counselors, Social Workers & Administrators
  • Individualized Instruction
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Easy to Access Parent Portal
  • All Classes Aligned to PA Core Standards
  • Grades 3-12
  • Trial Period to Ensure Success
  • Eligible to Participate in all Plum Borough Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Computer Equipment Provided by Plum Borough School District
  • No Fee to Attend


Michael Gauntner
Assistant High School Principal 
900 Elicker Road
Plum, PA 15239
Twitter @sphsmustang
To register for the Plum Borough Cyber Academy, you must schedule an appointment with Mr. Gauntner (Contact Info Above) or your guidance counselor.  
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