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The clubs and organizations offered at Plum High School often reflect the interests of students. A variety of membership options are available including service organizations, musical and drama groups, student publications, sports teams, and hobby-oriented clubs.

Involved students meet with their respective groups during scheduled activity periods and after school when additional time is needed. Meetings are posted on the daily announcements.

Students are encouraged to become involved in an activity and become an active member of our school community.
AFJROTC plans and organizes community service projects, sporting events, and social/team building activities for all cadets to participate in.  
Book Club
Book club chooses a book to read and discuss each month.  The club also hosts after-school book-to-movie showings and other events.  Students can join at any time. 
Students participating in BotsIQ will plan, design, and manufacture a 15lb. combat robot. Teams will prepare their bots and compete with schools from 61 different districts throughout Southwest PA. BotsIQ offers an exciting opportunity for students to apply practices from the manufacturing industry. The robotics team actively works with industry sponsors and employers in our community. Since it's inception (BotsIQPA) in 2006 Plum Senior High School has garnered first place honors 8 times and Grand Champion twice.
Chess Club 
The Chess Club is a great way to learn, play, and improve your chess game. Students have the opportunity to play during activity period. They have the opportunity to play with different opponents each time that they meet. It is a great exercise for the mind and helps to develop concentration skills, critical thinking, and pattern recognition. 
French Club
Joining fee = $10. Anybody who wants to be in French club can join as long as they are taking French. Few exceptions are given for students that Mr. Rovera knows but take Spanish.  Need people to help run the club. Those people will have to stay after school once or twice a month to take care of the club.  You have until the end of September to join.
1 president and 1 vice president (vote on activities, money spending, organization of activities, announcements for club activities).
1 secretary (type names of members, activities participants and students who paid).
1 money supervisor (check on spending, count money and make sure that everything is up to date in the budget, sign for bus payments)
List of previous field trip planned after school (limited space)
October: Kennywood Fright night ($18-25).
November: Carnegie Museum of Art. Study of Impressionism($10)
December: Ice skating at the PPG center downtown ($6)
January: Snow tubes at Wildwood park ($15-20)
February: French restaurant ($35-$40)
March-April: University of Pitt + crepe degustation
Any month: Movie at the theater ($8) after school
If space available, students not in French club will be allowed to come for an extra $5.
Future Educators
Plum High School's Future Educators club will gain first-hand teaching experience by participating in the Junior Achievement elementary teaching day program. Students have the opportunity to participate in several of these one-day experiences per year, where they teach an economics lesson at local elementary schools. Students also have the opportunity to volunteer in the Plum School District's elementary schools. 
Future Nurses
In PBHS Future Nurse's Club students are awarded the opportunity to learn about the various fields of nursing and the employment opportunities that nurse's have. Educational choices are established for the members to learn how to actually become a nurse and what classes may benefit them down the line in their education. The club tries to visits various medical events in the Pittsburgh area along with a college visit. My hope as the club sponsor is to motivate, encourage, and support any student who is interested in the nursing field.
Girls Leadership Association (GLA)
In 1962, Plum teacher Marilyn Bott, founded the Girls Leader Association (GLA). She had the club complete dozens of service projects each year, and at one point there were 300 members! Throughout the years GLA has remained motivated by valuing Character, Leadership, Service, Responsibility, and Enthusiasm. The club works on several projects per year in helping individuals or groups in need in the Plum Community and beyond. Some of these include sponsoring four blood drives each year, a fundraiser to support research for the PA Breast Cancer Coalition, Operation Christmas Child, Presents for Patients and various other projects at a few assisted-living facilities within the area, supplies for soldiers, Laird Cemetery upkeep, food pantry supplies, and many others. If you would like to join and/or learn more about the club, please speak with the club's current sponsor Mrs. Amy Martello ( or find a GLA member to ask why you should join.  Please visit GLA's website at for more information.
Horizons Club
The Horizons Club is an improvisational hand-percussion club that encourages student wellness through self expression and a sense of community. The club partners with Pittsburgh's Building New Hope organization and the Africa Heartwood Project in order to bring clean drinking water to rural communities in western Africa.  
Library Aides
Student library aides assist the librarian to keep the library operating smoothly. They run errands, check books in/out, shelve books, perform basic computer and printer maintenance, check attendance, inventory equipment, file magazines, create displays and bulletin boards, and more. 
National Honor Society
The National Honor Society of Plum Senior High School prides itself on being the largest fundraising school for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the world. The students dedicate a tremendous amount of time and effort throughout the fall and into the winter to help children's wishes come true. Plum's National Honor Society focuses on building community and serving others through its charitable contributions.  Click here for additoanl information about the National Honors Society.
Plum Hi-Lites
Plum Hi-Lites is a club that provides interested students the opportunity to interview people, write articles, take photos, design layout, edit, and publish the school newspaper. 
Snow Club
The Ski and Snowboard club meet twice per month during the school year. We will go on 5 trips to Seven Springs in January and February. 
Spanish Club
Spanish Club provides students with an opportunity to further expand their exposure to the culture of the Spanish speaking world. We organize field trips and fundraisers for charities in Hispanic countries.
S.P.I.R.I.T. Club 
SPIRIT stands for Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together.  It's a federal Department of Justice initiative designed to empower student leaders.  Spirit Group is comprised of various cultural groups.  The team is made up of many role models and leaders in the school from all grades. 
Student Government
Student Government - Elected Students meet to discuss betterment of school for the sake of all students. Discuss community and school service projects to accomplish.  
Student Store
The student store is operated by students in the Life Skills program. The store is open during school lunch hours. You can find various school spirit clothing items, school accessories and much more.
SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) is an organization whose aim is to prevent students from making potentially destructive decisions. The mission of SADD is to help people avoid the dangers of drinking, tobacco use, illegal drug use, impaired driving, texting while driving, bullying, dating violence, and other destructive behaviors/decisions. SADD strives to inform students of such dangers through various positive messaging campaigns. All PHS students, grades 9-12 are welcome to participate.