Activity Bus Update

At tonight’s Board meeting, the activity buses for Oblock Junior High and the Plum Senior High School were approved to begin again.  We are targeting the beginning of next week for this service to resume and the details will be posted on our website when they are finalized.  For those students who attend athletic practices/events at Boyce Park and Larry Mills Park, an activity bus will be available starting tomorrow to transport students back to their home school from practice. 

Additionally, we acknowledge this afternoon’s transportation was delayed for some elementary students.  Please understand that elementary buildings are loading buses one at a time to ensure students are familiar with their bus number and as well as their bus stop.  This process will continue to improve over the next couple weeks as students become more confident with departure procedures.  

We greatly appreciate your understanding as we try to ensure that students get on the correct bus.  Our goal to make sure ALL our students arrive home safely.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

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