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Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII)

School Based Intervention

The Plum Borough School District is implementing the Response to Instruction and Intervention(RtII)model within each elementary school.  This model provides for a daily time of instruction for both intervention support and enrichment of students based on their levels of academic performance. 


Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII) is used to provide data-driven instruction and interventions to all students based on their current ability levels. 


  • RtII is a process designed to help schools match student needs to research based interventions and enrichments.
  • Student progress is monitored on a frequent basis.
  • The information gained from the RtII process is used by school personnel to make decisions regarding the students’ educational program and works along side curriculum instruction and the Title One Program servicing all students in the building.


Although interventions occur throughout each school day, RtII provides a framework of support for student learning.  At least 30 minutes of each day is dedicated to RtII in the areas of Language Arts and Mathematics. Utilizing data collected regularly including daily assessments as well as benchmark assessments from STAR Literacy, STAR Math, and DIBELS, teachers use a flexible grouping model for small group instruction to meet student needs.  The goal is to maximize student learning and application of literacy and mathematics.


All building staff members participate in the implementation of interventions and enrichments in the RtII model so students will often work with different teachers and interact with peers in different homerooms based on data collected.  The purpose of this is to generate high levels of academic achievement in core subject areas for all students, especially those students most in need.  This purpose is achieved through:


  • High quality, research-based instruction
  • Assessing what students know periodically throughout the year and sharing the data to drive instruction
  • Using strategies and interventions that are based on scientifically-based research
  • Meeting and planning as an educational team to provide the best instruction to all students


Parents may be asked at times to attend an RtII Team Meeting periodically to discuss their child’s progress should the team feel it necessary. If you have any questions regarding Regency Park’s RtII implementation, please contact our School-Based Intervention Teacher, Mrs. Martha Freese at (412) 795-0660 ext. 7149.

Mrs. Martha Freese
412-795-0660 ext. 7149