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Reading League

Holiday Park Reading League 

What is our school wide Reading Initiative and goal?

We are so excited to announce our school wide reading initiative for Holiday Park Elementary! Holiday Park Reading League has been created to motivate students to read more with accuracy and improve reading comprehension! We need everyone on the team, including all students, parents, and staff, in order to make this an individual, class, and school wide success!

How will students be motivated in this program?

· Official Welcome to the HPRL Team

· PTA sponsored Baseball hat for HPRL Opening Day

· MVP - Each Month/ Every Class/ Chosen by Homeroom Teacher

· I-Movies featuring HPRL Opening Day and Monthly MVPs

· Hall of Fame – Elite Readers

· School Wide Challenges

How can I help my child be successful in our Holiday Park Reading Initiative?

Read together and make reading at home a priority. Help your children pick books that are “just right” and encourage them to take AR Tests to earn points for them as individuals, homeroom, grade level, and school! Check Renaissance Home Connect to monitor your child’s progress in the Accelerated Reader Program. The links below can help you better understand the AR program and can answer any questions you may have. In addition, there are links to help you search and find specific AR books!

What is the Hall of Fame Criteria for the school year?

The Hall of Fame is for elite readers that have achieved and completed a goal of Accelerated Reader points for their specific grade level. Points are set at the mid year mark in January after reviewing a whole school report on the AR system. Students have from the beginning of the year until a date TBD in May to complete this challenge.

5-6 = 400 points from the beginning of the year to May 19th.

Links that may help!

Parent’s Guide to Renaissance Home Connect

AR Sample Quiz

AR Book Finder