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Title I

Title I Program
To inquire about Title I services, please contact:
Mr. Jason Knisely
Federal Programs Coordinator

Title I is a federally-funded supplemental reading program for students showing a need for reading intervention.  Supplemental reading instruction from Title I teachers is available to all students in grades K through 6 who demonstrate a need for this instruction.  The Title I teachers are certified reading specialists who work closely with classroom teachers to develop appropriate interventions.  In the Plum Borough School District, Title I services are provided as Targeted Assistance in Center Elementary, Holiday Park Elementary and Pivik Elementary Schools, while Regency Park is identified as a Schoolwide Title I Building.  

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Application for Federal (Ed-Flex) Wavier:
Application for Federal (Ed-Flex) Wavier: image

As a notice, the Plum Borough School District is applying for a waiver of Title I, Section 113 (a)(2)(B) Eligible School Attendance Area of their Federal Programs Consolidated Application. This wavier is sought to continue to provide our Title I reading support program at Pivik Elementary School.