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“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” 

How do I get started?

It is as easy as clicking on the banners and start making purchases. It is really that easy! 

Note: *Please bookmark the link for future purchases as well

Will I be charged more for PBSDShop products and services by purchasing via the Plum Borough School District Link?

No, there is no mark-up or additional fees when purchasing through Plum Borough School District. The shopping experience is exactly the same as if you navigated directly to the website. Remember to use the Plum Borough School District link!

Will my purchases be kept confidential?

Yes. The Plum Borough School District is notified that a product or service has been purchased for financial tracking purposes, but names or account numbers of the individual purchaser are not shared with the district.

Is this program unique to Plum Borough School District?

No, more than one-hundred schools throughout the U.S. are actively engaged in the Associate Program and are earning dollars for their respective schools.

Can Family and Friends participate?

Yes. This program is open to family, friends, relatives or anyone that happens to navigate to the PBSD Shop link.

How do I know if it is recognizing that I originated from the Plum Borough School District Website Shop Link?

Take a look at the address in your URL and confirm that you see pbsdshop-20: 

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