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First Annual Student Shadow Day

Hello #PlumFamilies,


Starting next week, members of the Superintendent's Cabinet will be going back to school! Literally!


In an effort to gain a better insight into what it is like to be a student in our District, each member of the Cabinet will be sharpening our pencils, charging our Chromebooks and hopefully getting to class on time as we embark on our first annual Student Shadow Day. Our goal is to gain a more complete understanding of the experiences our kids have so we have the knowledge and perspective to make thoughtful decisions that may impact our students’ school experience.


Starting on April 15th, members of the Superintendent's Cabinet will be shadowing students at Center, Pivik, Holiday Park, Oblock, Plum High School and Forbes Road Career and Technology Center.  Each of us will do what the students do! This includes answering questions posed by the teacher (be kind), taking notes, eating in the lunchroom, and switching classrooms just like they do.  We will be gathering notes on our experiences so that we can share with each other and then with the school community.  We will do this without interfering with anyone’s normal routine.


The students we intend to shadow will be recommended by their principals.  We will be asking our Shadow Student to allow us to be part of their day and to also share their feedback about their typical day with us.


Hopefully, our time spent with students will make us better administrators because we have a greater understanding of the hard work and dedication that goes on in our schools on a daily basis.



Dr. Brendan Hyland


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