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Plum Boro Council Donates Funds for District Safety

Investing in the security of our students is one of our primary District goals. As we continue to implement the recommendations from our safety assessment audit, the Plum Boro Council has generously donated $160,000 for a new security office and vestibule at Plum High School, new security software for our students’ computers, safety bollards at all sites and new fencing at Center Elementary School.


Additionally, the Plum Boro Council is donating another $50,000 for supplemental work if necessary for the high school vestibule. These remarkable contributions will enable the District to continue our relentless commitment to provide a safe learning environment for our students and staff.

Thank you Plum Boro Council for being such a great partner in the safety of our community’s students.

To watch the approval process, click here. Read more about the donation here.