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In the aftermath of the Rustic Ridge Tragedy, we as a District will continue with our postvention strategies. The goals of PBSD’s postvention is to respect the unique needs of our school community, and identify and support those most at risk.  We will continue to support those grieving the loss of their classmate, and the community members who died in this tragic event.  Research tells us that it is important to return the school to its normal routines as quickly as possible and that is what we will do when our students return to start the new school year on August 23rd.  With your help, we can identify and refer students who may be at risk to our counselors and social workers. Oftentimes post-traumatic stress will occur in the days, weeks, and months following the event. Please take good care of yourself and your family members.

Here are several resources for you as we start the 2023-2024 school year.

Common Symptoms After A Critical Incident

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What You Can Do for Yourself

10 TIps to Build Resilience

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