February and Black History Month at HP

Black History Month within Holiday Park Elementary

Over the course of a school year, the Plum Borough School District continues to educate all students with a culturally responsive approach in our recognition and celebration of the achievements of diverse Americans.  As February is Black History Month, through various multicultural activities, students will explore African Americans who have influenced society.  Below is a summary of some of the learning that will take place within Holiday Park.  Several learning experiences includes:
- Within library and STEM special, Fifth and Sixth grade students will engage with genres of various works of literature from influential Black authors and inventors.
- Students within several Fifth Grade Social Studies classes will be researching a famous African American and his/her accomplishments. Students will then incorporate this information into creating a unique and creative  postage stamp that commemorates this person’s life and achievements. 

- Several Sixth Grade Social Studies lessons will include “Lunch with famous African American." Students during Discovery will be researching a famous African American and his/her accomplishments as well as constructing a summary - visual report using the iPad to recreate the lunch interview.

- Several Fifth Grade Science classrooms will use Google Classroom VIP introduction of Crispus Attucks and Shirley Chisholm 

- Fifth Grade Music students will learn about, sing, and compose spirituals. They will learn about influential jazz musicians. 6th grade students will listen to the U2 song MLK and write a poem about Martin Luther King Jr. in the style of the lyric to the song. They will compose music on GarageBand to complement their poem. They will perform them in class.

- Several Fifth Grade Students will learn about many influential African American Heroes who have made a tremendous impact on the lives of others and changed our country forever.    Students will close read, analyze, and respond to short biographies. They will also have meaningful discussions focusing on three picture books. Testing The Ice: A True Story of Jackie Robinson, Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story of the Underground Railroad, and I Have A Dream deliver moving accounts of courage, resilience in the face of adversity, and standing up for what you believe in to help others. 

- Several Fifth Grade Social Studies classes will research a famous African American and will create banners that include such information as interesting facts, obstacles faced and an inspirational quote.

- Fifth Grade students within Social Studies will have the option of reading about Benjamin Banneker, Malcolm X, or the Little Rock Nine from the Time Readers For Kids series. Students will then summarize what they have learned, including such things as the struggles these African Americans faced and the impact that their life’s work had to bring equality and opportunity. 

- Fifth Grade Math students will highlight the contributions and accomplishments of a different African American mathematician each day during the math block.  
- Lifeskills will Research African Americans who have contributed to our country.  They will identify why their person was important, three major things that happened in his/her life, and why they are celebrated. The students will present their person to the classroom in February.  The research will be posted in the classroom throughout the month of February.  

- Fifth Grade Science students will read short biographies of famous African American inventors.  They will choose one inventor to write a short report on. They will write a description of the invention and the impact it has on our lives today.  

- Fifth Grade Students will close read biographies of African Americans who have impacted our history and our lives today.  They will analyze the text, identify main idea and key points, as well as other literary elements. 

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