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Senior is Busy Writing Her Future One Page at a Time



Plum High School senior, Bonnie Nickles, is amazing. She’s a two-time published author with a passion for writing. She tells her story and tells it well.

At the age of four, Bonnie was writing in notebooks, eager to share her stories with the world. She then began reading fiction books for middle schoolers and landed at young adult fiction books. These books provided inspiration for her to write Rogue and then a sequel Incognito under the pen name Bonnie Synclaire. These books are a part of her series “The Genesis Files."

Rogue was published on April 13, 2018. Incognito was released on November 30, 2018. Plans for book three is aimed for Spring/Summer 2020.  

Bonnie was also interested in understanding the publishing process. In addition to writing the books, she was fully involved in managing the creation of the books' International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) along with editing and designing of both book covers.

She strives to tell more diverse stories and share a young author’s perspective. Writing is Bonnie's passion and serves as an escape and hobby. With an affinity for contemporary and suspense, writing is an important part of her life.

Over the years, Bonnie has participated in the Book Club; the Plum High School Band Dance Team, and a community dance troupe. She is also a library aide at the high school and a volunteer with the Girls Leader Association (GLA). She has participated in the Summer Institute Program at Duquesne University where she earned college-level credits. Bonnie intends to major in English with a concentration in writing and Library Sciences at either Duquesne or Clarion State University.

Bonnie shares these inspiring words for us: “Don’t give up, for it takes a lot to write a book. It can be difficult. Just keep improving your craft. Make the time and trust the process.” 

For more information on Bonnie’s third book release and where to buy your copy, click here!

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