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HP Interventions Guide Student Learning




An intervention is a combination of strategies put together to produce or reinforce a desired or necessary change. In public education, interventions are needed to determine best practices to effectively address student need(s). Holiday Park Elementary students have been a part of interventions that reinforce specific skill-based strategies in both math and English Language Arts, guiding them to work to their potential and to grow as learners.

Math project-based learning activities and assessment materials are used to reinforce specific common core math skills necessary for student success during tiered Intervention. Additionally, math teachers utilize web-based sites that remediate or enrich math skills and promote student engagement with programs that progress students based on individual needs and mathematical acumen.

For English Language Arts interventions, various methods are used to cater to students’ learning styles and academic capabilities. Learning centers and small group mClass lessons help enhance literary strategies and skills. Web-based programs promoting growth at the individual instructional reading level of the student, are valuable resources used by Holiday Park teachers to enhance student learning, while other resources provide texts in different lexile levels for differentiation.

Mrs. Lauren Dinga, Grade 5 Teacher, says “Our POD teachers are able to target instruction to better provide the needed reinforcement to successfully close the achievement gap between various learners with the use of heterogeneous groups based on student needs and proficiency levels.”


The interventions have been carefully designed and are collaborative in nature, data-driven, and student-centered. Through the use of numerous resources designed for differentiation led by data-driven flexible groupings, teachers at Holiday Park are able to skillfully hone in on the unique instructional needs of their students, proving that they are committed to the continued improvement of their students and to exceptionally preparing them for success.


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