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PSHS Teacher Reinvents Library for Student Success


Library Teacher, Mr. Mark Dinga, is transforming the Plum Senior High School Library. He’s sharing effective research strategies with students in grades 9-12, optimizing the student experience and empowering them with specific tools to help them conduct their own online research. 

Library is not a new initiative at the school. Building on the accomplishments of past librarians such as Dr. Brian Stevens, Mrs. Kristen Rowe, and Mr. Kara Pilarski, Mr. Dinga said his primary goal is to encourage students to use the library space to further introduce them to the opportunities available in the space. He plans to incorporate additional STEAM-based resources and learning opportunities while allowing his creativity and personality to lead students into new directions and endeavors.

The process involves two parts. Mr. Dinga reaches out to teachers with his ideas and in turn, teachers notify him when they have projects and/or research that needs to be completed in the library. The process works well for direct needs that can be fulfilled.

Mr. Dinga, who holds certifications in both secondary English and Mathematics, said he enjoys talking about books with students, and especially helping them find the perfect book that fits their interests and personality and having that book extend their passion for reading. 

Mark says, “I am looking forward to continuing to build up the library space so it becomes the learning hub for the building, a place where students can come freely to work on a multitude of items and topics. I am excited about what is to come!”

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