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Nursing Services

Nursing services are available in every building, staffed by healthcare professionals. These individuals provide first aid care, administer prescribed medication to a student in accordance with the written directions of a licensed prescriber, and monitor the health, safety and immunization status of all of our students.

In compliance with the Pennsylvania School Health Code, the Plum Borough School District mandates the following schedule of examinations:

Physical Examination Form Link     - Grades K, 6 and 11

Dental Examination Form Link - Grades K, 3 and 7

Vision Screening - Annually, All Grades

Hearing Screening - Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 7 and 11

Scoliosis Screening - Grades 6 and 7

Height, Weight and Body Mass Index - Annually, all grades   

All examinations and screenings will be conducted in the nurse’s office or other designated areas.

School Nurses perform the mandated exams as above, except for the Physical and Dental Exams. However, Physical, Dental, and Scoliosis examinations may be done by your own health care provider or by the School Doctor/Dentist. Families are encouraged to establish a relationship with a private health care provider to assure continuity of treatment that is not possible in school exams. This is a lesson, which if learned, will pay dividends in adult life. Private exam forms will be sent home with students, or can be downloaded from the links above and the district website under Departments, then Nursing Services. The forms can be completed based on any exam done within one year of the beginning of the grade in which they are due, or by January 15th of the current school year in which they are due.

Preference forms will be sent to determine if a private exam will be submitted, or if a school exam is desired. Failure to return the signed preference form implies consent for a school exam. Any parent who chooses to have a private exam, but does not submit the completed form by January 15th of the year in which the exam is due, also gives implied consent for a school exam to be done. Mandated Physical & Dental School Exams are held in the Nurse’s Office, and will be completed any time after January 15th of the school year. A parent/guardian who wishes to attend the exam with his/her child may select that option on the preference form, and they will be notified of the date & time of the examination.

Students may be exempted from any of the above examinations or screenings if it is contrary to the parent’s religious beliefs and the parent submits written notification to the school nurse. A student who presents a statement signed by the parent/guardian that a medical examination is contrary to his/her religious beliefs shall be examined only when the Secretary of Health determines that the student presents a substantial menace to the health of others.

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