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Technology Family Device Agreement Information Page

Hello families,
  This school year we are trying to make it easier on you with allowing you to upload your filled out Technology Family Device Agreement page online. To do this you would download the editable PDF here. You can then fill out that PDF with you and your students information. Once you have it filled out, save it. 
You can now login to the Sapphire family access portal with your login credentials here. Once you are logged into the portal under STUDENT BACKPACK you will see Student Data Forms. Select Student Data Forms, you will now see the Technology Device Agreement Form. You can select Technology Device Agreement Form and then attach your filled out document.  Once your document is attached, select Complete Form. Yes, you can print the form, fill it out and take a picture of it and upload it here also, if you do this, please make sure the picture is clear.
As always you can print, fill out the form and hand it in to your students teacher, principal, or the technology office help desk window, (located in the high school library) at any time. 
You must have this form filled out and turned in before the student can take their device home!
We encourage all families before filling out this form to visit This page will go over all the information regarding our One to One program at Plum Borough School District. If you look on the right-hand side of that page, you will see hyperlinks to more resources regarding our One to One program, how we protect our students on their devices and our network. Also, you will see the Parent Reporting hyperlink that allows you to signup to receive reports on what your student is doing on their device.  
If you have any questions or concerns, or, need help with this process, please contact
Thank you,
Daniel Lauletta
Director of Educational Technology and Innovation 
View the video below to walk you through this process.