Student Filtering

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Student Filtering

How is my child being protected on their device?

The Plum Borough School District utilizes multiple layers of protection for our students when they use their device at home or school. The backbone of our filtering and monitoring solutions are Lightspeed Relay and Bark for Schools.

LightSpeed Relay

LightSpeed Relay allows us to monitor and control the content our students can access on the Internet and helps our school district comply with U.S federal laws like the Children's Internet Protection Act by providing filtering and analytics of student Chromebook and iPad usage. 

To learn more about LightSpeed Relay, please click here.

Bark for Schools

We also use a program called Bark for Schools, which can detect potentially dangerous situations that students may face both in and out of school, including:

Suicidal ideation
Sexual content
Threats of violence

To learn more about Bark for Schools, please click here.

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