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Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

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What is MTSS (previously RTII)?

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) is a comprehensive, multi-tiered approach to identifying and assisting struggling learners. This approach is implemented across our elementary schools for all students and its major purpose is to identify and address students experiencing learning difficulties and prevent failure. MTSS assists in improving student achievement.

What are the core characteristics of MTSS?

  • All students receive high quality research-based instruction in the general education standards aligned system.
  • All students are screened to determine academic status against grade level benchmarks.
  • All staff assume an active role in student’s assessment and instruction in the standards-aligned system.
  • Continuous monitoring of student performance and use of this data is used to determine intervention effectiveness and drive instructional adjustments, and to identify/measure progress toward instructional and grade level goals.
  • Student progress is benchmarked throughout the year to determine level or progress toward monitoring and assessing the fidelity of intervention implementation.
  • Students receive increasingly intense levels of targeted scientifically, research-based interventions dependent on student needs.
  • Parents are informed of their child’s needs and progress at regular intervals.

How are struggling students identified?

  • Test scores – STAR Reading and Math, DIBELS, PSSAs, classroom quizzes and tests
  • Teacher observation
  • Parental concern

When do struggling students receive support?

  • During regular instruction through the use of differentiated instruction and leveled materials
  • During regular 30 minute dedicated blocks of time ("Tier Time") when students receive targeted assistance

Who will implement MTSS in my child’s school?

  • General Education Teachers
  • Reading Specialist
  • Intervention Teacher

What do I do if my child is struggling?

Core teams meet regularly to review student data in order to make appropriate adjustments to your child's instruction. This data is reviewed carefully by the core teams, which include the reading specialist, intervention teacher, principal, school psychologist, and when applicable, other informed staff members. However, if you still have concerns regarding your child, please do one of the following:
  • Contact your child’s homeroom teacher
  • Contact the intervention teacher
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