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5th Grade Science
The fish eggs have hatched and you can see the "alevins" swimming in the rocks. They will consume the egg over holiday break and begin to "swim up" in the tank. Remember this is a delicate ecosystem so be kind to the tank/fish.
Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania

The Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania is a unique program that brings Japanese education into classrooms of Western Pennsylvania. A wide variety of topics are covered during their visits to schools. Some topics include Japan today, Japanese history, language, culture, and origami.

Mr. Shafer’s sixth grade classroom recently had the Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania in their classroom.  Students were excited to learn the different customs and words from Japan. Students also compared school life in Japan to their own learning experiences.  

At the conclusion of the lesson students learned about Japanese calligraphy and how to write in Japanese. Students used traditional brushes and ink to express their name on rice paper. The Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania offered the students a beneficial multicultural experience.

5th Graders construct land forms models
Creek Connections
"Grade 5 students work with Allegheny College to test the water of Little Plum Creek. This is part of a program called Creek Connections and part of a larger program Holiday Park Elementary Little Plum Creek Trout Habitat Project."