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Google Classroom

Google Classroom How-to Login - Click Here
The above link will show you how to log in to Google Apps for Education, where you'll be able to access your students' Gmail and Google Classroom. Classwork, homework, and other information about your students' courses will be available on Google Classroom. 
Students K-5: 
Students in grades K - 5 will use the password PBsd@####, where the four numbers equal their respective four digit lunch codes. If your student is in grades K - 4 and you do not know their lunch code, please reach out to his/her teacher or email
Students 6-12:
Because of our 1:1 device initiative in grades 6 - 12, we will wait until the 2019 - 2020 school year to move the rest of our grades to this password format. If you have a student in grades 6 - 12 and you would like to know her/her password, please send an email to with your child's student ID number and we will provide that information. 
What is Google Classroom?
Many pupils will be encouraged to use Google Classroom as a resource to assist them both in the classroom and at home. Teachers can use Google Classroom to send announcements to entire classes, share resources, course notes, PowerPoints, diagrams, and homework. Pupils can use it to access work covered in class in school at home or on the go and complete homework. Parents can use some of the features of Google Classroom to help engage with and support pupils in their home study. It is a free resource that can be accessed from any device connected to the internet - laptops, desktop computers, chromebooks, tablets or mobile phones.
You can find out more about Google Classroom at 
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