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First Aid

Board Policy 209.1

When accidents or illnesses occur, first aid is administered. First aid is defined as the immediate, temporary care given in case of accident or sudden illness. Usually first aid is administered by one of the following school personnel: nurse or principal. Further decisions and actions concerning the accident are the responsibility of the parent. The parent completes an Emergency Care Form for each child authorizing the school as to who should be contacted in the event emergency care is needed. Parents should keep this form up-to-date and inform the school of changes of phone numbers or persons listed.

In the event your child experiences a severe breathing emergency, your child will be administered Albuterol via nebulizer, if indicated. Or if your child has a severe life threatening allergic reaction, possibly due to an allergy to a food, or insect sting, etc, to which you were not aware, the nurse will administer epinephrine by auto-injector, in an attempt to save your child’s life. 911 & the parent / guardian will be called. Parents / guardians may request an exemption to the administration of albuterol and / or epinephrine for their child. In order to request this exemption, please contact the school nurse to make an appointment to discuss this decision, then review and sign the opt-out form.

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