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Distinguished Alumni

Distinguished Alumni
Nominate a deserving Plum alumnus or alumnae for consideration to the Distinguished Alumni Wall of Honor, housed at Plum Senior High School. Distinguished alumni honorees provide the students of Plum Borough with exemplary models for our district’s mission.
The education, service, professional aptitude, accomplishments and awards of distinguished alumni demonstrate the reality of what we strive to produce in mass with our current students.  We are extremely proud of distinguished alumni and the standard of excellence that they have established for the students and citizens of the Plum Borough Community. Below you will find a listing of the past inductees to the Wall of Honor.
Nomination Form
To nominate a deserving Plum High School alumnus or alumnae to the Distinguished Alumni committee, please download the application form and return to it:
Plum Distinguished Alumni Committee
c/o Plum High School
900 Elicker Road
Plum, PA 15239
412-795-9115 (fax) 
Margie Evans
Ilona Beatty
Loretta White
Ruth Grant
Committee Members
Penny Antolovich
Rachel Begg
Rich Berrott
Renee Farrow
Lynn Forbeck
Bob Ford
Mary Beth Ford
Justin Stephans
Dr. Terry Stepnick
Richard Williams
Hon. Linda Zucco
Rena Lynn Koteski, Emeritus